Saturday, August 15, 2009

Acara permainan 17 Agustus

Ikut permainan sendok kelereng.. estafet kelereng oleh 15 orang hingga sampai ke orang terakhir. ga boleh jatuh!. kalo jatuh, balik lagi ke orang pertama. this is me, desperately trying to keep the spoon in my mouth so the marble wouldnt fall off. The spoon is poking my throat a few times (waks), my eyes turned redish. Semangat 17an...

Acara serah terima hadiah, although no body in the picture has really won anything, its all for the sake of triumphious memories.. (omg...)

one of the best moment of 17 agustus game festival.. i love this picture most among others..

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